Adanac Granite brings Calgary homeowners the finest selection of granite, limestone, marble, quartzite and other natural materials for countertop installation anywhere in your home. From kitchen islands to vanities, from laundry counters to wet bar surfaces, the interest, beauty and quality of granite is unmatched.


At Adanac Granite our granite inventory includes an expansive array of granite, limestone, marble, quartzite and other natural stones. Every stone selection is a unique creation of nature, containing its own particular beauty. Natural stone combines incomparable varieties of color, veining and texture that, taken together, produce an unforgettable surface.

At Adanac Granite, our customers view our inventory of slabs to determine which stone or granite captures their imagination. Choosing the actual stone for your countertop allows you to select the qualities and unique beauty that you value. At Adanac Granite, choosing your own granite is just one way we provide high quality custom service to our clients.

Adanac Granite carries a tremendous selection of granite and natural stone for your selection. Our granite can be selected from standard range stones, mid-range stones or premium range stones.


At Adanac Granite, we have the experience and expertise to engineer, design and install any countertop surface in your home. We coordinate our work closely with your other contractors to ensure smooth, on-schedule remodeling or construction. With the utmost attention to detail, we create a template designed to your exact specifications, with precision cutouts for sinks, stovetops, and appliances where necessary. When the design is finalized, our experienced technicians will custom cut your granite slab.

The edging you choose for your countertop adds drama and style to your installation. Our fine workmanship ensures a precisely contoured edge that will bring out unexpected beauty from your granite. Whether you want a sleek bullnose edge, beveled edge or a more complexly contoured finish, we have the technical capabilities and artisanship to craft your choice.

We also create backsplashes from the same granite or stone as your countertop or from coordinating/contrasting natural stones. Our staff can work closely with you to determine the height and material best for your installation.

See our documents section on the right for more information on edge profiles.


Once your stone or granite is cut and finished to perfection, skilled crews expertly install it in your home. Experienced technicians provide a solid, reliable installation with precisely fitted appliances, outlets, and other specifications. Seams are elegantly integrated with your design so as not to detract from the beauty of your stone. A tightly fitted installation eliminates water leakage and other problems. Clear communication with your other contractors keeps your remodeling or construction on schedule.

See our documents section on the right for an installation checklist.


When installation is complete, Adanac Granite seals your stone countertops using the highest quality products available. Careful, complete sealing offers superb protection for your stone surfaces. Once our professional sealing is complete and cured, your countertops will be ready for years of enjoyment. Their care and maintenance is simple, while their beauty is complex.

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